Old Gold Pack

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Updated Reviews & Testimonials…

We like it when we hear nice things being said about us, so we reached out to a few notable people from around the club to give us their thoughts and opinions on OGP…   Max Kilman: “The Old Gold Pack have helped take home games to the next level with their flag displays ahead […]

Wolves vs Villa – 7th October 2023

Got a bit of attention, this one… It’s who we are, what we’ve done for European football and we’re rightly proud of our history. It also helps that it grinds Villa fans gears, so we’ll take that too. A reference to one of the greatest gifts the Old Gold has given, a series of games […]

The Display goes on…

First of all, a massive thank-you from us to you. From an idea that came from a conversation in the pub in the middle of last season to what OGP is now, is simply incredible. But we always knew that it was down to you, and you lot smash it out of the park week […]