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Updated Reviews & Testimonials…

We like it when we hear nice things being said about us, so we reached out to a few notable people from around the club to give us their thoughts and opinions on OGP…


Max Kilman:

“The Old Gold Pack have helped take home games to the next level with their flag displays ahead of the game. The Molineux atmosphere makes such a difference to us, we love it when we can feel the fans behind us, and any initiatives to help make the place louder, and filled with gold and black, has our backing as a squad.”


Paul Berry – Author:

“From my seat in the Billy Wright Stand lower, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the work of the Old Gold Pack coming to fruition, and it’s a fantastic sight to behold leading up to kick off. I have always believed that the best atmospheres, especially among Wolves fans, are those which are generated by the supporters themselves. Crystal Palace at Molineux in the play-offs is one I always remember.

The work of the OGP offers a perfect halfway house, as the flags create a powerful visual which helps the atmosphere but still leaves fans able to build up the noise levels however they see fit.

What I also think is important is that the flags not only highlight the impact of current heroes but also raise a nod to Wolves’ illustrious history and terrace songbook.”


Johnny Phillips – Sky Sports:

“It’s great to see OGP taking the initiative with their creative efforts to produce a vibrant atmosphere inside Molineux”


Ryan Leister – The Wolves Report:

“I’ve huge respect and admiration for those who are involved with the Old Gold Pack. Molineux is special & these guys are trying to make it a better home experience. We all support our club in different ways, but we all know that what Molineux is like at its ferocious best and what a difference that can make.”


Jason Guy – Wolf Whistle Podcast:

“Remember when Molineux was a fortress? Teams feared us, opposing fans loathed us and it was a difficult place for the opposition to come to! It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the pack and wander aimlessly. Step up OGP who are helping to generate an atmosphere we can all be proud of! After all, the strength of the Wolf …is in the Old Gold Pack!”